Office 365 gives Android Users some Wow Factor by 20th July 2015

Office 365

Anyone who has tried using non-Microsoft Office spreadsheet, word processing and presentation programmes on their PCs and laptops over the years will already be aware of just how good Office applications really are. Not only have they become the world leaders in their chosen fields, they made virtually all other products seem slow, cumbersome and downright unpleasant to use.

Microsoft has managed to develop the finest software products in this area and it has been to the detriment of all of their rivals. Writing and editing Word documents is something we take for granted these days, and managing numbers and cells in anything other than Excel seems daunting to many of us. Microsoft has cornered the market in such a way that it seems unlikely anyone else will ever get a foothold now.

The one area in which these products seemed to be playing catch-up was in mobile technology. Using Word, Excel and PowerPoint from our mobile phones may have seemed unthinkable at one time, but it has become a reality for many Android owners now, and this innovation is likely to take the business world by storm.

Working on the go has suddenly become far more of a workable reality

Users can access their cloud-based documents and programmes with ease, and they will be able to work on them while they’re on the go. Reading documents on the train, and making any necessary changes along the way, is going to be a piece of cake from now on, and this spells good news for busy people leading busy lives.

While working with documents will be the most common activity for Office 365 users with Android phones, it is perhaps the ability to use a phone with PowerPoint that will be the most impressive new feature. The benefits of using your mobile to ensure the presentation goes smoothly are all too apparent, especially to those of us who have been left high and dry by a sudden laptop or PC malfunction.

Being able to access documents on shared drives and on cloud-based applications will also prove to be a major boon. If you are a regular user of Google Drive, Dropbox or Box you will be delighted by the convenience that is now available, quite literally, at your fingertips. In recent years, the various barriers that got in the way of a good day’s work have been gradually dismantled, and this is perhaps the most important improvement of them all.