Are You Adopting Cloud Computing? by 4th November 2014

cloud computing

The cloud-based method of data storage was initially popularised during the first decade of the 21st century. A considerable proportion of business owners have subsequently realised the benefits of this system. It has been deemed a particularly effective means of minimising infrastructure costs and achieving improved economies of scale. However, some professionals remain doubtful and sceptical when it comes to cloud computing. We’ll shed some light on the major issues in this informative blog.


Cloud Control

Recent surveys undertaken by the NCC group and Sage UK have revealed that the majority of business executives lack a comprehensive understanding of the cloud. They believe that the transfer of data will result in reduced control. However, a leading technology expert has pointed out that cloud users are able to decide upon the amount of data that is stored and accessed remotely.


Digital Security

Workers in the financial sector are apparently concerned about the prospect of cloud computing data breaches. This is hardly surprising, given the importance of maintaining client confidentiality. However, cloud vendors have employed a variety of advanced security features for ultimate data protection. Firewalls, patches and other data safeguarding methods have been implemented for the cloud user’s peace of mind.


Data Loss

Employees in the financial sector are concerned about the prospects of large-scale data loss and disaster recovery. However, cloud computing providers use advanced systems to ensure that the risks are minimised. Daniel Liptrott of the NCC Group said, ‘There are comprehensive backup solutions available to those using cloud applications, so businesses needn’t shy away from cloud adoption due to fear of data loss.’


Reluctance To Change

There is a tendency for some business owners to maintain the tried and tested methods of data storage. They worry unduly about the negative aspects of computer technology. However, it is quite likely that more companies will realise the multiple benefits of cloud computing over the coming years. Companies may even gain a competitive advantage due to the enhanced productivity and reduced costs of cloud computing.